Ralph Okerlund, Utah State Senator – 24th District, Speaks To Salina Chamber

Photo of Ralph Okerlund Speaking to Salina Chamber

Utah State Senator Ralph Okerlund spoke to the Salina Chamber of Commerce at their monthly meeting on Thursday, October 7, 2010 at Mom’s Cafe. Mr. Okerlund spoke about the economic outlook for the state of Utah and the country. Those in attendance were Sandy Phillips – Richfield Reaper, Lora Fielding – Salina Sun, Kevin Arrington – Tourism and Events Director for Sevier County, Paula Martin – Sevier County Events Coordinator,  and many others.

The event gave great promise of  good things for the state of Utah.

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One Response to Ralph Okerlund, Utah State Senator – 24th District, Speaks To Salina Chamber

  1. Elvira K.Stewart says:

    Dear Senator Ralph Okerlund,

    I lived here in Richfield,Utah was married to Kelly Clark Stewart, former lived in Monroe ,Utah.I took CNA course at Snow College,and took Phlebotomy course at Utah School of Phlebotomy,and passed the examinations and externship at Intermountain Sevier Valley Medical Hospital.I lived and worked in Germany for 20 years.I had been applying for Work Visa at Department of Homeland Security that I would like to pay taxes to help boost our U.S.economy.My problem is until now, haven’t receive yet any response from Department of Homeland Security.I paid my fees promptly,filed and filled the form correctly,I am not a Social welfare recipient nor commit any crimes.But until now, I haven’t receive any response fro Department of Homeland Security.I plea to you Senator Okerlund on behalf of my case.I have been spending so much paying fees to Department of Homeland Security,I want to work and pay taxes and I don’t want to depend on the government for my sustenance.
    I would be glad and happy and I look forward to your response on this matter.
    Thank you very much for your kind services .

    Sincerely yours,
    Elvira Koenig Stewart

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