Let’s meet to Brainstorm and Improve Salina, UT

We currently meet a couple of times a month to brainstorm of new positive ways of helping Salina grow.  You are welcome to join us. Just call 435-201-0054 for the next meeting time.  If you would like to see your business and logo listed here, just send us an email at business@salinaut.com

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The Salina, Utah Website

Did you know there are over 50 businesses in downtown Salina?  Can you name them?  Soon you will be able to find out about many of these businesses on a new web site created just for Salina businesses.  Kirk and LaRea Rasmussen of Airquick.net/Old West Paging have reserved salinaut.com; salinautah.org; and salinaut.org for this purpose.  With help from The Auto Guys and Salina Five and Dime, they are collecting information from local businesses to post on the web site.

Salina is a great place to live, visit, and shop.  The web site will allow people visiting Salina, those who live near Salina, and Salina residents to know what Salina has to offer.  Did you ever wonder what hours a store was open, where you could get great made from scratch potatoes, or buy unusual knives at a great price?  Salinaut.com will have this information and more.  Remember, money spent in Salina brings in tax dollars for North Sevier Recreation and helps our children.

Any business that has not yet filled out a questionnaire is encouraged to do so as soon as possible.  If you have lost your paper or have not been contacted and would like to participate, please contact The Auto Guys, 529-3858; Airquick.net, 529-7570

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Photo Contest In Salina, UT

A big Thank You to the many sponsors who gave gifts for this fun contest. Stop by their business sometime and say “Thanks!”    Prizes were awarded in a random drawing to 4 entries of which indentified all of the photos correctly. Winners are posted in the

Salina Sun May 23, 2007.  Thanks to all of those who entered.

Answers to the Photo Contest.

Salina Super Search by Ashley Crane
1: In front of Country Keepsakes on the east side of the door there is a
metal framed bench. On the sides of the bench there are metal designs. The
picture is taken on the west side of the bench.
Address: 585 West Main
Phone Number: 529-1055
2: On the West side of the Wolves Den there is some type of a metal vent
that sits between the crimson and gray paint. The vent is located by the
painted picture of the waitress.
Address: 365 West Main
Phone Number: 529-3340
3: The west side of Mom’s Café, there is 3 wood pieces that kind of resemble
the shape of a house. On the triangle part is wear the picture was taken.
Address: 10 East Main
Phone Number: 529-3921
4: At the Hair Hut Salon there is a wood plank that is held up by chains. On
the left side of the plank the picture is taken where you 2 different colors
of bricks and the chain.
Address: 89 East Main
Phone: 529-7642
5: At the front of Don’s Sinclair there is a car wash and there sits the
exit sign. But now it’s all white, instead of just part of the bricks.
Address: 215 West Main
Phone: 529-3531
6: On the south side on the front of JJWD’s there is a metal frame looking
thing that is has a whole bunch of ladders. The picture is taken on an angle
on the right side.
Address: 423 South 100 West
Phone: 529-7488
7: At the four way sits Auto Guys. Around the roof of their office, there is
the cute little frillies that are blue, red, and silver.
Address: 15 West Main
Phone: 529-3611
8: At the four way across from Auto Guys is the Checking Station. If you
look at it from the Auto Guys there is a poster that says WOW on it, that is
located on the left, or west side of the building, and the interesting thing
is that it has whole in it so you can see some of the red wood roofing.
Address: 9 North State Street
Phone Number: 529-3676
9: This one was clever. Sticking out of the 5&10 Store is a sign. In the
middle of that wood sign sits the little number one stop.
Address: 31 East Main
Phone: 529-3847
10: At the Salina Car Wash, down by the Crave, is an air freshener. That’s
where this specific air freshener dispenser is located.
Address: 285 South State
Phone Number: 2019065
11: At Old West Paging or as some people know it as Airquick.net & Old West
ATV, is the door handle. And I actually compared all the door handles and
checked the angles of the screws to make sure that I got the right one.
Address: 43 East Main
Phone Number: 529-7570
12:  In the window of the Tanning Salon, on the left corner, is the Special
sign where the “S” comes from
Address: 65 East Main
Phone Number: 529-4051
13: In the actual front of the Public Library, that faces Main Street, there
is white antique framing that goes around the top part of the door. On the
right, or east side, on the corner of the framing is where the picture was
Address: 90 West Main
Phone Number: 529-7753
14: On the west part of the Dream Catcher there are 3 awesome paintings, the
first one is of an arch way. And that’s the one that is in the picture.
Address: 59 West Main
Phone Number: 529-2160

15: On the front of Salina Lumber, is a sign with the arrow on it.
Address: 230 West Main
Phone Number: 529-7777
16: On the new restaurant Irmita’s, there is a painted red cowboy, wearing a
black hat.
Address: 430 West Main
Phone Number: 529-1616
17: This one wasn’t the easiest either. In front of Barrett’s Food Town,
there are actually 2 signs that have the same flag. One is on the north
side, and in front of the building is a tall sign.
Address: 95 North State
Phone Number: 529-7741
18: Out by El Mexicano, Scenic Quick Stop, Denny’s and the Super 8 Motel, is
an Indian statue holding a tomahawk. To prove that I actually went out there
I got the information off the base of the statue. The artist was Steven
Sewell Anderson, original 1974. Ute Indian Chief Black Hawk. 2004
19: On the roof of the North Sevier Middle School there are big silver
things that kind of look like the tops of garbage cans that are at the drive
in’s. The one in the picture is actually located on the roof between the
office and the gym, but its closer the gym than the office.
Address: 135 North 100 West
Phone Number: 529-3841
20: LAST ONE! Was on top of the building to NAPA Auto Parts. It’s on the
north east side of the roof. If you’re looking at it from across the street,
the paints are gray and the change to cream
Address: 65 North State
Phone Number: 529-7464

Salina Super Search

A fun and exciting family activity is underway in Salina.  The idea is to bring your family and friends together and experience the great things around Salina.

Your job is to find and identify the larger versions of the items pictured here.  We have scoured the Salina area to find clues such as portions of signs, buildings and other landmarks.  Clues are also available at www.SalinaUt.com.

Oh yes! There will be prizes to those who accurately find and describe the location of each item. So hurry and do your searching as soon as possible. You only have one week.

The Prizes:

Grand Prize:$100 Gift Certificate to JJWD

$125 framed artwork from Kreig Rasmussen Photography

2 – $20 Gift Certificates to Irmitas

Gift Basket from Country Keepsakes

Second Prize:$25 gift certificate from Salina 5& 10

Pizza, breadsticks & movie rental from Showtime Pizza

2 – $20 Gift Certificates to Irmitas

Third Prize: 1 Dinner Gift Certificate to El Mexicano

Dutch oven and cooler from Barretts Food

3 Free tans from the Fitness Center

Fourth Prize:1 Dinner Gift Certificate to El Mexicano

Dutch oven from Barretts

Fifth Prize: $20 Gift Certificate from Irmitas

$10 gift certificate from Hometown Treasures

The Rules:

1.      Match the clues with the real thing.  All items can be found within the boundaries of Salina.  Everything pictured here can be seen from the outside, not necessarily from the road so you may have to get out of your car and walk.

2.      We hope that by the time you try to find the items pictured here they have not been removed.  We have tried to accurately reproduce the objects but depending on the time of day pictures were taken compared to when you view them, clues might not be 100 percent accurate.

3.      Identify the exact location of each clue street address, name of the building, etc.

4.      Include your name, address, daytime phone number and/or e-mail address

5.      Send or drop off ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD to:

Salina Super Search

c/o Salina 5 & 10

31 East Main Street

Salina, Utah 84654

6.      Entries must be postmarked no later than Wednesday, May 10, 2007.  Winners will be announced Wednesday, May 23, 2007 in the Salina Sun.

7.      If more than one entry correctly identifies all the clues, winners will be chosen from a random drawing.

8.      No purchase is necessary.  Clues are also available in color at


9.      Entries may not be submitted in the name of others who did not participate in your search.

Have fun and enjoy the experience!

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